Ormonde Jayne

“The quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the natural harmony of the Orient are blended to create the ultimate olfactive sensuality” - Linda Pilkington, Creator & Founder

Ormonde Jayne’s signature perfumes revisit the ways and days of a long gone past to infuse its elixirs with the goodness of scarce oils that are no longer used in the perfume industry of today. A time when fragrances were a fine art. When the world witnessed the golden age of perfumery. When complex perfumes were matured over months before bottling. And when rare essential oils provided the highest standards of quality.

The brand’s philosophy is one of quality and true luxury, the pursuit of beauty and elegance.

Founded by London’s Linda Pilkington, this perfume house matures the oils in their London laboratory from rich ingredients sourced personally by the founder. So that just a spray of the rich scent is exquisite enough to hover over your mind long after its wearer has left the room.