Mr. Shishir Mehta

A perfume aficionado, Mr. Shishir Mehta’s vast personal collection of rare and exclusive scents led him to sharing his passion with the world! And thus, was born ‘SCENTIDO’ – an experiential retail store – the first one in India.

From successfully heading a national metallurgical testing laboratory for 35 years to diversifying his attention full-time to a Passion he wanted to bring alive, Mr. Shishir Mehta’s journey is a story-teller’s delight. A well-traveled person, Mr. Mehta ensured that he visited every niche perfume store in the city he visited across Europe, US & UK. With every visit and every learning, his interest in niche fragrances grew manifold.

What started in 2010 as a shopping interest and passion culminated into a venture in the world of niche scents with full gusto.

Ms. Ayesha Mehta

Ayesha’s passion for niche perfumes resonates with her father’s love for the same, hence Ms. Mehta is an integral part of his journey into the world of fragrances.