Nestled in the heart of South Mumbai, amidst its rich architectural history and heritage, lies SCENTIDO.

We have veered into the retail space with the first of its kind, SCENTIDO Niche Perfumery - an ‘iconic, uber luxury retail experience’. It is a place where a person can really understand and explore the art of perfumes while indulging their olfactory senses in some of the most unique scents the world has to offer.

The store came about as a desire to delve deeper into the art of perfumes.We aim to bring together the expertise that conjures some of the most exclusive fragrances, with the experience and ambience of a luxury retail environment for the discerning Indian consumers.

The location of the space and its Art Deco persona lends the perfect setting to create a luxurious retail environment exclusively for these carefully crafted scents from century-old fragrance houses to the distinctive new-comers in this space.

Scentido - A house of the finest perfume brands, curated to fulfill the senses of a fragrance connoisseur and novice alike.